Obedience Courses

Animals, like people, must receive an appropriate education to adjust themselves to the environment in which they will live and they must learn the social rules. Our philosophy enhances the ability of the dog to listen and obey the commands of his owner by using positive reinforcement and timely corrections, adapted to the individual´s skills, so the learning is enhanced thanks to the dog´s attention and motivation. Our teaching is based on establishing a bond and hierarchy.

At the same time, we do not educate the dog only, but we also teach the owner our techniques so he/she can give the commands properly, learn the dog´s body language to anticipate and understand the needs and natural behavior of dogs. The owner plays an important role in these courses because he/she must earn the respect of the dog so it listens to him/her in the future outside of class, so he/she should be consistent and have patience to achieve the purpose of this course.

These courses are aimed at everybody interested in learning and improving his/her training techniques in canine obedience. The courses are also directed to dogs of all ages, but we recommend starting as soon as possible; the younger the dog is, the quicker and easier the learning will be. The minimum duration of this course is 7 weeks.

These courses can be taken in individual and group classes. We recommend group classes, especially in the basic and intermediate level, so we can learn from each other while we socialize our dogs, very important to achieve better results, and we teach them to listen only to the commands given by their owners, caretakers or people close to them.

We offer several levels: